Canberra Grammar School Foundation

Canberra Grammar School Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing unparalleled excellence and opportunity in education for the bright minds of Australia. Established in 1929, the foundation aims to educate the children of the capital of an ancient country by playing its part in ensuring the creation of a just and equitable future for all Australians. As they embark on their Centenary Project, the foundation aspires to see 100 students educated on Indigenous and equity scholarships by 2029. The organisation is driven by a strong vision and commitment to contributing to the education of future generations. The foundation's goal is to raise funds to support campus development and scholarship plans, thus offering opportunities for bright and capable students to build the future Australia deserves. When you join the Canberra Grammar School Foundation, you contribute to a vibrant and motivated community that is dedicated to opening access to excellence in education for all. Help shape a brighter and more equitable future for the young minds of Australia through your work with Canberra Grammar School Foundation, and become a part of the inspiring Centenary Project.