Cancer Care Support Australia Incorporated

Cancer Care Support Australia Incorporated (CCSAI) is an inspiring not-for-profit organisation, passionately committed to providing comprehensive resources and support for cancer patients, their caregivers, partners, families, friends, and even charity groups. Driven by values of compassion, community, comfort, charity, and care, CCSAI focuses on ensuring that everyone affected by cancer can find solace and assistance through their journey. Essential resources offered by CCSAI include the innovative cBAG, a thoughtfully curated collection of items to accompany patients during treatment, and the cPLAN, a practical medical planner for organising crucial documents. These solutions, along with the wealth of information available on the organisation's website, empower individuals to better navigate the complexities of a cancer diagnosis. By joining the CCSAI team, you'll be part of a dedicated community that elicits positive change in the lives of countless individuals impacted by cancer. Embrace this opportunity to make a tangible difference in your own community and enhance the support network for those bravely facing life's toughest challenges. Together, let's create a brighter, more hopeful world for cancer patients and their loved ones.