Capricorn Conservation Council Inc

Capricorn Conservation Council Inc. (CCC) is a passionate, values-driven organisation with over 45 years of experience as the peak environmental advocacy group in Central Queensland. Dedicated to protecting the region's environment, CCC works tirelessly to promote better environmental policies, support local campaigns for conserving landscapes and marine surroundings, and encourage climate action through education and community engagement. When you work with CCC, you become part of a team that cares deeply about the environment and strives to make lasting change. The organisation's track record of success speaks for itself, as it has continuously pushed for reforms and partnered with community groups to create a better future for the planet. CCC offers ample opportunities for growth and learning, and empowers its team members to be agents of change, both within the organisation and beyond. By joining this committed and driven team, you can make a tangible impact on environmental preservation, while working alongside like-minded, passionate individuals. Embrace the opportunity to be part of the force working towards a more sustainable and responsible future – join CCC, and contribute your skills to making a real difference in the world.