Carbon Market Institute Limited

Welcome to the Carbon Market Institute Limited (CMI), an independent, member-based organisation that believes in accelerating the world's transition to net-zero emissions. With a vision to create a prosperous, negative emissions, and nature-positive world, CMI is the perfect place for passionate individuals to make a difference in the fight against climate change. CMI is committed to empowering individuals and organisations to make credible strides in decarbonization as they work towards a net-zero emissions economy. By becoming a part of CMI, you will join a prestigious community of like-minded professionals, working together on policy shaping, market development, and championing best practices in cutting-edge, market-based solutions. CMI's values-driven approach ensures that the organisation operates with transparency, integrity, and accountability. Whether it's participating in workshops, speaking at events, or contributing to public policy, you will play a vital role in driving real and substantial emissions reductions. With its strong commitment to indigenous engagement and supporting indigenous land, sea, and fire management practices, CMI is a leader in promoting social and environmental responsibility. Are you ready to be a part of the movement and contribute to creating a better world? Join the Carbon Market Institute Limited and help catalyze climate action around the globe.