Cardo Foundation

Cardo Foundation is a dedicated organisation that is passionate about providing an excellent Christian education to the Citipointe Christian College community. Established in 2016, the Foundation has been instrumental in creating and sustaining a philanthropic culture within the College community. With a mission to ensure future generations of Citipointe students enjoy an outstanding education and facilities, the Cardo Foundation is committed to making a difference in the lives of students and their families. Through the Equity Scholarship Fund, the Foundation is able to bring a high-quality education to students who may not have had the opportunity to attend Citipointe Christian College otherwise. As an organisation that genuinely believes in the potential of every student, Cardo Foundation works tirelessly to provide scholarships and bursaries to deserving individuals, enriching the diversity of the Citipointe community. By joining Cardo Foundation, you will be part of a team dedicated to ensuring an exceptional education to all, creating lasting positive impacts in the lives of students and their families. Become a valued member of the Cardo Foundation and help build a brighter future for the students of today and tomorrow.