Carrington Centennial Care Limited

Carrington Centennial Care Limited is a revered non-profit organisation that has been proudly serving the Greater Macarthur community for over 130 years. With a strong commitment to providing an exceptional quality of life to its residents, Carrington takes pride in offering a diverse range of personalized care solutions, making it the ideal destination for those seeking an enriched, fulfilling lifestyle. At Carrington, emphasis is placed on maintaining the perfect balance between care and independence, offering tailored services designed to adapt to each individual’s unique needs. The beautiful estate features everything from luxury retirement living and assisted living options to comprehensive aged care services, ensuring every resident feels valued, respected, and comfortable. The community at Carrington is vibrant, inclusive, and supportive, with various lifestyle amenities such as a golf course, lawn bowls, croquet, activity groups, and on-site restaurant. Carrington's employees share this warmth and passion, dedicating themselves to creating a caring and uplifting environment for all residents. If you are a compassionate professional seeking a fulfilling job opportunity in a well-established and highly respected organisation, consider joining the remarkable team at Carrington Centennial Care Limited, where you can truly make a difference in people's lives.