Catch Music Inc

Catch Music Inc is a not-for-profit organisation that brings together music enthusiasts of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to create a vibrant and harmonious community. Driven by the passion and dedication of big-hearted volunteers, Catch Music offers regular sessions, workshop series, and exciting events that spark creativity, enhance musical skills, and build lasting friendships. With the generous support of the Act-Belong-Commit program, the organisation thrives and enriches the lives of countless individuals. By joining Catch Music Inc, you become an integral part of a thriving musical community that inspires personal growth through the power of music. The weekly sessions have been described as the highlight of many participants' weeks, showcasing the transformative impact of these inclusive activities. Your involvement in Catch Music Inc will not only leave a lasting impression on your life but also on the lives you touch through music. Catch Music has created an environment where everyone can express their unique musical passions and gifts. As a part of this exceptional team, you will be helping to foster a community in perfect harmony, making a difference in people's lives through the beautiful connection of music.