Catherine Bonnes AM Scholarship Inc.

Catherine Bonnes AM Scholarship Inc. is a compassionate, purpose-driven nonprofit organisation dedicated to enriching the lives of those with hearing impairments. Established in 2012, this inspiring organisation offers scholarships to financially support deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals in furthering their education and expanding their opportunities. Through bi-annual awarding of scholarships, Catherine Bonnes AM Scholarship Inc. fosters the spirit of empowerment, bridging the gap between aspirations and reality for those they serve. With a strong commitment to their mission and a passion for making a difference in the lives of others, this organisation strives to build a more inclusive future where people with hearing impairments can thrive. By joining the Catherine Bonnes AM Scholarship Inc. team, you will become an integral part of a community-driven organisation that celebrates diversity and encourages growth. Alongside dedicated professionals, you will work to help bring hope, encouragement and support to countless deserving students who are ready to embrace new challenges and overcome obstacles in their academic journey. Be inspired and make a tangible impact by working with Catherine Bonnes AM Scholarship Inc., an organisation that is truly devoted to breaking barriers and helping others reach their full potential.