Centennial Parklands Foundation Limited

Discover the joy of making a difference at Centennial Parklands Foundation Limited, an inspiring not-for-profit organisation dedicated to raising funds and fostering community support to protect and enhance the beautiful green open spaces of Centennial Parklands. By joining the passionate team at Centennial Parklands Foundation, you'll play a vital role in ensuring a sustainable future for these beloved parks, while encouraging countless children to embrace the joy and freedom of nature through the renowned Ian Potter Children's WILD PLAY Garden. Centennial Parklands Foundation actively contributes to a diverse range of vital projects, from dedicating benches to supporting crucial sustainability initiatives. As a valued member of this dedicated community, your unique skills and passion will help make a lasting positive impact on the three magnificent parks that make up Centennial Parklands, enriching the lives of countless visitors for generations to come. Embrace this unique opportunity to grow your career while nurturing the beauty and wonder of nature in the heart of Sydney, Australia. Indeed, there's no better time to join Centennial Parklands Foundation and become a part of their ever-growing circle of supporters, ambassadors, and champions for a greener future.