Centre For Contemporary Photography Inc

At the Centre for Contemporary Photography Inc (CCP), they recognise the transformative power of art, particularly photography and video, in engaging communities, inspiring dialogue, and sparking creativity. As an organisation, CCP strongly values inclusivity, diversity, and respect, striving to provide a dynamic platform that fosters thoughtful deliberation on contemporary Australian lens-based arts. Located in Fitzroy, Victoria, CCP is uniquely positioned to showcase the rich tapestry of the Australian artistic landscape, connecting local audiences with both historical and international perspectives. Through stimulating exhibitions, educational events, and engaging publications, CCP endeavors to cultivate an atmosphere of curiosity and critical thinking, passionately promoting the works of talented Australian artists while proactively encouraging dialogue around various forms of lens-based media. By joining the CCP team, individuals become a part of a thriving, supportive work environment that cherishes creativity, instills professional growth, and celebrates the power of artistic expression. With their commitment to inclusivity and diversity, CCP is proud to welcome those from all walks of life into their fold, creating an enriching and fulfilling opportunity for both employees and the communities they serve.