Christian City Church Joondalup Incorporated

Christian City Church Joondalup Incorporated, also known as C3 Joondalup, is a vibrant and welcoming not-for-profit organisation that seeks to make a difference in the lives of its members and the wider community. Rooted in faith and driven by the desire to help people find and follow Jesus, C3 Joondalup offers a nurturing environment that empowers individuals to discover hope, peace, and their true sense of purpose. Located in the heart of Joondalup, C3 Joondalup brings people together for weekly services and various events to celebrate their faith and foster a sense of belonging. The church's dynamic team is passionate about creating a lasting impact and support not only for its followers but also for the local and global communities. Joining the C3 Joondalup organisation means working alongside motivated and compassionate individuals dedicated to making a positive change. The church offers ample opportunities for personal and professional growth, creating a fulfilling and rewarding experience for those who share its mission and values. Embark on a journey with C3 Joondalup and contribute your talents and skills to a not-for-profit organisation that genuinely cares for the well-being and spiritual growth of others. Find inspiration and purpose in a career that transforms lives one step at a time