Chrysalis School For Rudolf Steiner Education Ltd

Imagine working in the serene environment of Thora Valley, near Bellingen, New South Wales at Chrysalis School for Rudolf Steiner Education Ltd, an institution dedicated to developing each student's full potential. This unique non-profit school focuses on providing an intellectually, artistically, socially, and morally balanced education for students in early childhood, primary, and middle school levels. At Chrysalis, the organisation wholeheartedly embraces the Steiner philosophy, which emphasizes educating the whole person so to foster innate self-discipline and strength of body and will. They offer comprehensive learning support, a dedicated music program, and an emphasis on physical and outdoor education, helping students cultivate their passions and talents holistically. By becoming part of the Chrysalis community, you join a team that respects and celebrates diverse backgrounds and embraces the deep connection to the lands, waters, and communities of the Gumbaynggirr people. As an employee, you'll be inspired by the school's commitment towards providing Steiner education that remains relevant to meet the needs of today's students. Be a part of this transformative educational experience and make a meaningful difference in young lives with Chrysalis School for Rudolf Steiner Education Ltd.