Church Of The Nazarene Inala Inc

Church of the Nazarene Inala Inc, also known as Place of Peace Church, is a compassionate community of Jesus-followers, committed to embracing and empowering all people with hope, worth, and peace. They participate in God's Kingdom mission by creating a space of grace, where people of all backgrounds can join the journey to becoming Christ-centered, love-filled, and life-transforming individuals. As a part of the Inala community and beyond, the Church of the Nazarene Inala Inc offers various initiatives to support and uplift their neighbors including food pantries, clothing donations, and community outreach programs. They believe in fostering transformational relationships where people can love and be loved without fear, nurturing a world in which all people can survive and thrive. By working with the Church of the Nazarene Inala Inc, you will have a fulfilling and meaningful opportunity to love and serve the community through acts of compassion and mercy while deepening your faith. Join this inspiring organisation and be a part of the change towards a life of hope, worth, and peace.