Citizens Against Road Slaughter Limited

Citizens Against Road Slaughter Limited (CARS) is a compassionate not-for-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness and educating the community on critical road safety issues. By joining the team at CARS, one would be part of a passionate collective determined to make a difference in reducing the devastating impact of road accidents on individuals, families, and the wider community. At CARS, their work revolves around sharing stories, fostering understanding, and influencing behavioural change. Judy Lindsay, CARS Ambassador, is an inspiring figure leading the fight for road safety awareness through her personal story and tireless advocacy efforts. By working with CARS, one has the opportunity to contribute to essential campaigns focused on drink driving, drug driving, speeding, and distracted drivers, all with the ultimate goal of saving lives on our roads. Working for CARS means being part of a dedicated team supported by community and industry partners, joining forces to create lasting change. By taking on this challenging yet rewarding mission, an individual can find personal growth, a renewed sense of purpose, and the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of others. So, be a part of the CARS family and contribute to creating safer roads and communities for everyone.