Clermont Community Housing And Other Services Inc

Clermont Community Housing And Other Services Inc (CCHAOSI) is a compassionate, community-oriented not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting disadvantaged individuals within the local Clermont area. Established in 1987, the organisation is led by a considerate, voluntary management committee and staffed by devoted part-time employees and relief staff who all work tirelessly to help uplift those who need it most. The team at CCHAOSI actively manages funding from both the State and Commonwealth Governments to deliver timely emergency relief to those facing homelessness or financial hardship. In addition to offering vital support services such as housing assistance and financial aid, they also work to strengthen the community through inspiring initiatives like the Piano Tree Project, designed to empower individuals to support one another while also nurturing their own well-being. Joining CCHAOSI means becoming a part of a nurturing, encouraging environment where the shared passion is to make a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it the most. If giving back and advocating for a brighter, more equitable future is what drives you, Clermont Community Housing And Other Services Inc is the ideal organisation to nurture your altruistic spirit.