Clifford Craig Foundation Limited

At the heart of the Launceston community lies the Clifford Craig Foundation Limited, a compassionate and dedicated not-for-profit organisation geared towards the overall wellness of its residents. Established in 1992, the Foundation is committed to improving the health of the community through innovative medical research, professional education, advanced medical equipment funding, and enhanced patient facilities at the Launceston General Hospital. As a values-driven organisation, the Clifford Craig Foundation fosters an environment of collaboration, keeping the needs and welfare of the community at the forefront of its operations. The Foundation takes pride in its cost-effective and life-changing medical research program, which garners significant health benefits for Northern Tasmania residents. Their approach encourages talented medical professionals to work and reside in Northern Tasmania, providing a nurturing atmosphere for growth and development for both the professionals and the community. With 30 years of rich history, the Clifford Craig Foundation is an institution you would be proud to be part of. By joining their team, you will contribute to crucial research, create lasting impacts on people's health and well-being, and be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of many. Come and experience the difference, passion, and purpose that the Clifford Craig Foundation offers today.