Clifton Springs Pre-School Inc

Clifton Springs Pre-School Inc is a vibrant not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing an enriching and supportive educational environment for young children. As part of the Meli family, the organisation shares the mission to create a happy, warm, and secure learning space where children can thrive. At Clifton Springs, the focus is on nurturing the whole child through a play-based curriculum, fostering physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. The compassionate team of educators is devoted to helping children learn through doing, encouraging them to express their thoughts, test theories, and explore their interests. Designed to be inclusive and welcoming, Clifton Springs values the uniqueness of each child and respects their rights, ensuring that parents, educators, and children have a voice and feel valued. The center offers both three-year-old and four-year-old kindergarten programs, providing the foundation for life-long learning. With a commitment to sustainable practices and diversity and inclusion, Clifton Springs Pre-School Inc is an organisation that truly cares for the well-being of its students, staff, and community. By joining the Clifton Springs family, employees will be contributing to a nurturing organisation that enriches the lives of children and inspires a brighter future for all.