Community Foundations Australia Ltd

Community Foundations Australia Ltd (CFA) is a dedicated organisation that brings together passionate individuals committed to nurturing the long-term vitality and resilience of their local communities. With over 40 community foundations across Australia, CFA strives to build fairer and more sustainable communities where everyone belongs. They achieve this by raising money, managing funds, and making grants to support the changing needs of communities in areas such as rural regions, regional towns, and capital cities. As the peak body for community foundations, CFA unites, represents, and supports an expansive network of foundations by offering bespoke services that enhance their collective voice and impact. These services are built on close relationships and trust, strengthening the foundations' ability to address local issues and foster healthier, more inclusive, and sustainable communities. By joining Community Foundations Australia, potential candidates have the unique opportunity to work with an organisation that is deeply rooted in local action and strongly committed to creating lasting change. With numerous ways to get involved, from partnerships to support or membership, CFA offers a platform for individuals to make a real difference to the lives of their fellow Australians. Connect with Community Foundations Australia today and become part of a nation-wide movement, working collaboratively to create fairer, more resilient, and thriving communities.