Conference Hall Assembly

Conference Hall Assembly is a vibrant non-profit organisation that fosters a welcoming and inclusive community for individuals seeking spiritual growth and connection. With a strong focus on the teachings of the Gospel and a dedication to spreading the good news of salvation, this organisation prides itself on uniting people across diverse backgrounds, age groups, nationalities, and occupations to foster genuine relationships and cultivate a deep sense of fellowship. Guided by an Approved Industry COVID Safe Plan for Places of Worship, Conference Hall Assembly is not only committed to nurturing a strong spiritual foundation among its members but is also proactive in ensuring their health and safety. This kind and compassionate approach underscores the organisation’s values-driven mission and creates a dynamic and inspiring environment for both personal and professional development. By joining the Conference Hall Assembly team, you will be part of a passionate, supportive, and mission-driven community that generously shares their time, talent, and resources in order to create a positive impact. If you are seeking a rewarding career with a purposeful organisation that truly values its people and inspires them to make a difference, this opportunity might just be the perfect fit for you. Step into a world of faith, friendship, and fulfillment with Conference Hall Assembly, and experience the delight of truly transforming lives.