Crib Point Community House Incorporated

Crib Point Community House Incorporated (CPCH) is a vibrant organisation committed to providing a welcoming environment for community engagement, personal and professional growth, as well as social and economic well-being. At CPCH, they believe in the power of lifelong learning opportunities and strive to offer diverse, high-quality programs catering to various interests and age groups, including computer classes, arts and crafts, health and well-being, support groups, and more. There is truly something for everyone at CPCH, and their friendly staff and qualified, experienced tutors ensure that each visitor is met with a warm smile and helping hand. By joining CPCH, you'll become a part of a supportive, values-driven team dedicated to strengthening the community and providing invaluable resources and opportunities. They welcome new ideas, encourage collaboration, and appreciate every individual's unique talents and perspectives. If you're passionate about making a difference in others' lives and contributing to a thriving, inclusive community, CPCH could be the perfect fit for you! Give them a visit, and you might discover a world of inspiration, growth, and connection right at your doorstep.