Critical Path Incorporated

Critical Path Incorporated is a distinguished not-for-profit organisation dedicated to empowering independent Australian choreographers and nurturing the vibrant world of contemporary dance practice. As a trailblazer in choreographic research and development, Critical Path embraces innovation, pushing artistic boundaries and encouraging experimentation. Working at Critical Path means joining a passionate team of professionals who are deeply committed to fostering a thriving and supportive community for dance artists. Its inclusive and diverse environment welcomes individuals from all walks of life, respecting and acknowledging Australia's First Peoples and their rich cultural heritage. By joining Critical Path, you become part of a broader network of creatives who are making significant strides in Australian arts and culture. With an exciting lineup of programs, events, and partnerships, a career with Critical Path offers the opportunity to grow professionally while leaving a meaningful impact on the lives of many talented choreographers. Be inspired to make a difference, and come join this dynamic organisation in advancing the boundaries of contemporary dance. Together, you will contribute to shaping the future of the art form while making a lasting impression on the Australian cultural landscape.