Cultural Choice Association Incorporated

Cultural Choice Association Incorporated (CCAI) is a passionate, values-driven non-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness and supporting the prevention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth suicide and its related causes in Australia. Through education, employment, and wellbeing initiatives, CCAI aims to provide Aboriginal children and young adults with the opportunity to believe in a future without limitation. By working with CCAI, you'll be part of a committed team helping Indigenous youth connect with their culture and identity through art, while also partnering with NRL clubs in the fight against youth suicide. With a strong focus on empowering and uplifting these young lives, you'll play a crucial role in driving change for a brighter future. At the heart of CCAI lies its Boots for Brighter Futures program, where you could be involved in changing lives through art, sport, and recognition of cultural heritage. You'll be inspired by the organisation's dedication to making a real difference in young people's lives and creating an inclusive environment where everyone can pursue their dreams. By joining CCAI, you'll become part of a caring community that celebrates diversity and embraces the importance of culture in shaping a better tomorrow. Discover a truly rewarding career with Cultural Choice Association Incorporated, and together, let's build a more hopeful future for Indigenous youth in Australia.