Cultural Infusion Foundation Ltd

Cultural Infusion Foundation Ltd, an esteemed not-for-profit organisation, is on a mission to build intercultural harmony in society. Founded in 2002, the foundation has gained significant recognition, including the United Nations Alliance of Civilization Intercultural Innovation Award, for its innovative and impactful programs. The organisation is driven by values such as inclusion, respect, and understanding of diverse cultures and traditions. True to their slogan “Divided we fail; United we stand; Diversified we grow”, Cultural Infusion combines creativity and passion to deliver award-winning intercultural, curriculum-based programs. They are responsible for creating the Diversity Atlas, the world's first fully inclusive, real-time mapping tool. In addition, they also encourage and promote inclusive spaces through their unique Inclusion Atlas platform. Cultural Infusion's commitment to making a difference extends beyond their products and services. They actively support communities, youth, and disadvantaged individuals across the globe through the Cultural Infusion Foundation. By joining their team, you become a part of a thriving and collaborative culture that values collaboration, diversity, and personal growth. Are you inspired to contribute to a more inclusive and harmonious world? An opportunity at Cultural Infusion Foundation Ltd could be the perfect place to drive positive change, both for yourself and for society as a whole.