Cumnock Show Society Incorporated

Cumnock Show Society Incorporated is a vibrant, community-driven not-for-profit organisation that brings together people of all ages to celebrate the best in agriculture, craftsmanship, and rural heritage. By joining their dedicated team, you will be part of a passionate group that works together to create memorable and meaningful experiences for thousands of visitors each year. Their annual Cumnock Show serves as a platform for showcasing the diverse talents of local farmers, artisans, and innovative thinkers, fostering a strong sense of community pride and connection. The show also features a plethora of exciting events, competitions, and exhibitions, creating unforgettable moments for everyone to cherish. At Cumnock Show Society, they take great pride in supporting local businesses and talents while continuously working to improve their facilities and events. The organisation also has a strong focus on sustainability, ensuring a future where everyone can continue to enjoy the unique beauty and wonders of rural Australia. By choosing a career with Cumnock Show Society, you'll be making a positive impact on countless lives, helping to nurture a love for the land, cultivate creativity, and keep the community spirit alive in Cumnock and beyond. So, if you're seeking a role that offers you the opportunity to contribute to the growth and enrichment of rural Australian life, then look no further! Join Cumnock Show Society today and help make a difference to the future of our beloved countryside.