At DroughtFix Pty Ltd, the team is dedicated to making a lasting positive impact on the planet and humanity by bringing innovative and sustainable technological solutions to the fore. This non-profit organisation is driven by the belief that a harmonious coexistence between the environment and human activities is possible with the right approach that addresses the challenges of climate change and rural communities head-on. Focusing on rehabilitating drought-affected lands, DroughtFix offers support and resources to farmers, while implementing measures to promote long-term soil health and water retention. In addition to this, the organisation also aims to provide water security to rural towns by sourcing and installing advanced technologies from around the globe. In keeping with its mission to make a difference, DroughtFix emphasizes the importance of education and training in developing a skilled workforce that can contribute positively to the planet's well-being. Their values-driven and proactive approach to tackling environmental issues makes DroughtFix an inspiring organisation to work for, where every effort counts towards building a better world.