Dadirri Disability Services

Dadirri Disability Services is a not-for-profit organisation that embodies the true essence of compassion and support for individuals living with physical and intellectual disabilities. By providing Supported Living Accommodation and Support Co-Ordination, Dadirri nurtures the wellbeing and empowerment of its residents, serving as a home away from home in the Southern Highlands. Adopting a person-centred approach, Dadirri encourages residents to identify their own goals, interests, and ambitions, acknowledging that needs may change over time. Taking pride in fostering greater involvement and integration into the local community, Dadirri's dedicated team supports residents in unlocking personal growth and independence, thereby creating a warm, inspiring atmosphere. Dadirri Disability Services manages five group homes, each staffed with 24/7 care, upholding the highest levels of quality and safety. By joining the Dadirri team, you will become part of a committed and values-driven community that truly makes a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities. So, take a stand and advocate for inclusivity – Dadirri Disability Services is waiting to welcome you aboard.