Derwent Estuary Program Limited

Derwent Estuary Program Limited is a dynamic and values-driven non-profit organisation dedicated to the environmental protection and sustainable development of the Derwent Estuary in Tasmania, Australia. This organisation stands at the crossroad of public, private, and community interests, collaborating with state and local government, industry, researchers, and local citizens to restore and promote the health of the estuary ecosystems. With an emphasis on sharing scientific knowledge for the benefit of nature, economy, and community, Derwent Estuary aims to progressively enhance and preserve the estuary's natural values, involve the community in this process, and foster a sense of pride and enjoyment. The organisation's activities span regular water quality monitoring, developing educational resources focused on key estuary habitats and species, working with the community to reduce pollution, and encouraging water-sensitive urban designs. If you're passionate about contributing to the conservation and sustainable use of the precious Derwent Estuary, consider joining Derwent Estuary Program Limited and make a difference in the protection of this unique and vital environment.