Dialysis Escape Line Of Australia Inc

Dialysis Escape Line of Australia Inc (DELA) is a heartfelt non-profit organisation dedicated to providing life-enriching opportunities for people on dialysis and those suffering from kidney disease. With a strong focus on enhancing the quality of their lives, DELA believes in spreading hope, confidence, and joy to individuals and families navigating through the challenges of kidney disease. At DELA, they go the extra mile by setting up temporary dialysis units in remote areas and cruise ships, offering renal patients a much-needed break from their everyday surroundings. By joining the DELA team, you will be instrumental in helping patients regain their confidence to travel, explore new places, and create lasting memories. Imagine being part of an inspiring community that actively makes a difference in people's lives. With a committed and passionate committee and a supportive medical team, DELA's work is celebrated through numerous heartwarming testimonials and stories of hope. If you share a strong commitment to creating an impact in the lives of renal patients, this is the organisation for you. Embrace the opportunity to be a part of something truly life-changing today!