Diggers Rest @ Quails Ridge Pty Ltd

Diggers Rest @ Quails Ridge Pty Ltd is a remarkable non-profit organisation that nurtures veterans in need, providing them with a safe and welcoming environment to regain their lives. Situated on the serene Sunshine Coast in Queensland, this eco-friendly bush lodge proudly supports those who have served the nation, including numerous veterans who have struggled to assimilate back into society. The retreat was born from the heart-wrenching stories of young soldiers returning from duty and aims to aid their healing process by helping them reconnect with family, friends, and themselves. Diggers Rest's vision includes the creation of a relaxed, friendly atmosphere on a 22-acre private estate, offering free short-term accommodation for active and former Australian Defence Force members and their families. The organisation also promotes social inclusion, reducing social isolation, and providing practical programs such as working bees, collaborative projects, and even African Safari adventures. Joining the Diggers Rest team means participating in a fulfilling and meaningful journey to make a real, life-changing difference for those who have served the country. With dedicated founders at the helm, it's no wonder that Diggers Rest has become a beacon of hope for countless struggling veterans.