At Elf Squad Inc, they believe in the magic of giving and the indomitable spirit of the community. This fully voluntary registered charity is dedicated to bringing happiness and support to children in need within the G21 Geelong region. By donating toys, treats, and tech, Elf Squad Inc. fosters a sense of belonging and joy for young individuals facing challenging circumstances. Working at Elf Squad Inc. means joining a passionate team of volunteers committed to making a difference in the lives of children and their families. The organisation prides itself on minimal overheads, ensuring that every contribution goes directly toward supporting those in need. Furthermore, its partnerships with various businesses and community groups help to maximise the impact of their efforts. As a member of the Elf Squad Inc team, you will help to spread cheer and positivity by ensuring every child in the community gets a chance to experience the gift of giving. Embrace your inner elf and be part of an organisation that brings warmth and love to those who need it most. Your compassionate heart, combined with Elf Squad Inc's mission, can make the G21 Geelong region a place where every child feels valued, cared for, and uplifted during the holiday season and beyond.