Ensemble Theatre Foundation

Ensemble Theatre Foundation is a vibrant and inspiring non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing exceptional live theatre experiences to the community. Located in the picturesque setting of Kirribilli, nestled on the edge of Sydney Harbour, Ensemble Theatre is committed to presenting a diverse range of international plays, well-loved classics, and engaging new Australian works. With a focus on celebrating local talent and continuously striving for excellence, Ensemble Theatre consistently delivers unforgettable performances that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. As Australia's longest continuously running professional theatre company, Ensemble Theatre values innovation, creativity, and collaboration. The dedicated team at the organisation actively contributes to the development of theatre arts through their support of educational and developmental initiatives. As part of Ensemble Theatre, you'll be given the opportunity to help shape the future of theatre in Australia and extend its influence beyond the stage. Join the Ensemble Theatre Foundation and become part of a supportive, passionate, and thriving community dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the world of theatre. Discover the joy of creating extraordinary live performances and contribute to a cultural legacy that will inspire generations to come.