Epilepsy Assoc ACT Inc

Epilepsy Assoc ACT Inc is a compassionate, values-driven not-for-profit organisation dedicated to enhancing the lives of those affected by epilepsy in the Australian Capital Territory and surrounding areas. As an integral part of the Epilepsy Smart Australia partnership, they work tirelessly to provide support, information, and education to individuals and families, striving to fight stigma and foster a sense of belonging and wellbeing. Those who join the Epilepsy Assoc ACT Inc team are motivated by a genuine desire to make a positive difference in the lives of people living with epilepsy. They are inspired by the opportunity to work collaboratively, contributing their skills and passion to create a more inclusive and understanding community. By offering a range of specialised training and tailored support services, Epilepsy Assoc ACT Inc empowers people with epilepsy to reach their full potential and feel safe and connected. For anyone who dreams of a meaningful career that impacts lives, Epilepsy Assoc ACT Inc offers the perfect platform to make a lasting difference.