Equi Energy Youth

Equi Energy Youth (EEY) is an inspiring philanthropic organisation dedicated to creating a brighter future for young people, their families, and the community. With a strong commitment to integrity, innovation, compassion, and community, EEY aims to save young lives by reducing instances of psychological distress, self-harm, and the risk of suicide. Based in New South Wales, Australia, EEY is passionate about reconnecting young people with their communities and educating adult support systems to help reduce psychological distress. Their innovative TAR3 Psychological First Aid program provides adults with simple, yet effective steps to follow in a mental health crisis. As a registered charity, EEY is focused on building capacity in communities across Australia to support mental health and wellbeing. Their flagship program, Coach 2 Cope, has already trained over 7,000 adults, supporting more than 100,000 children and young people nationwide. In addition, EEY is committed to providing training for families and carers at no cost, ensuring everyone has access to vital mental health support and resources. By joining Equi Energy Youth, you will be part of a compassionate and dedicated team working tirelessly to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of young people and their families. Together, we can create a brighter future for all.