Esperanto Federation of New South Wales

Step into a world where language connects people and cultures in a harmonious way. The Esperanto Federation of New South Wales is a vibrant, dynamic and welcoming nonprofit organisation dedicated to promoting and fostering the use of the Esperanto language in Australia. Founded with the noble goal of bridging language barriers, this NFP creates an environment that celebrates linguistic diversity and eliminates misunderstandings arising from language differences. With a richly diverse community that aspires to unite cultures from all corners of the globe, the Esperanto Federation offers a unique and fulfilling career opportunity for those passionate about languages and intercultural communication. Their activities include hosting Esperanto club meetings, organising classes, and managing an extensive library and archive, all designed to engage and educate the wider public about this fascinating international language. By joining the team at the Esperanto Federation of New South Wales, you'd be part of an organisation that truly believes in the transformative power of language to foster understanding, peace, and goodwill among people. With a friendly and supportive work environment, this NFP opportunity is perfect for individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the world through the beauty and connection of language. Embrace the challenge and immerse yourself in the diverse and enriching world of Esperanto by joining this inspiring organisation.