Euroa Arboretum

Located amidst the serene and picturesque landscapes of Euroa, Euroa Arboretum is a non-profit organisation devoted to the preservation, restoration, and education of Australia's unique native flora and fauna. With a mission to demonstrate ecological restoration techniques, provide community environmental education, and offer high-quality, ethical native plants, the organisation aspires to make a tangible difference in the realm of conservation and sustainability. As a values-driven and passionate team player at Euroa Arboretum, you will have the opportunity to contribute to various projects, such as the Climate Ready Garden, Seed Bank, and Healthy Hectares initiatives. The organisation is committed to fostering an inclusive culture that embraces diversity, and champions the spirit of volunteerism and community involvement. By joining Euroa Arboretum, you become an integral part of a dynamic community that partners with landholders, Landcare groups, Conservation Management Networks, and other service providers to advance the cause of environmental stewardship. With opportunities to work on groundbreaking research and engage with leading academic institutions, you will play a pivotal role in protecting Australia's precious ecological heritage, while inspiring others to do the same. Discover a world of meaningful work and personal fulfilment, where your passion for nature intertwines with your desire to make a lasting impact on the environment, at Euroa Arboretum.