Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome Heritage Aviation Association Incorporated

Welcome to the Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome Heritage Aviation Association Incorporated (EHHAM), a passionate and dedicated not-for-profit organisation committed to bringing the rich and vibrant aviation history of the North Coast of New South Wales to life. At EHHAM, our mission is to restore, preserve, promote, and display an exquisite range of historical aviation exhibits for the enjoyment and education of the wider community. When you join the EHHAM family, you will become an integral part of a caring team, devoted to connecting people with the incredible heritage of aviation. As part of our staff, you will contribute to an organisation deeply rooted in the values of teamwork, integrity, and education, striving towards making a difference in the community and promoting a greater understanding and appreciation of aviation history. Imagine working in an inspiring environment surrounded by vintage aircraft, where you can learn about the fascinating stories of the past and share them with visitors from all walks of life. Be part of an organisation that kindly thanks its sponsor Solidus Industries, appreciates the support of its members, and warmly welcomes every guest. So, why not spread your wings and join EHHAM today for a rewarding and fulfilling experience in the world of historical aviation?