Eyes for India Oceania Incorporated

Eyes for India Oceania Incorporated is a values-driven non-profit organisation that has made it their mission to restore sight for the needy blind people in India, where over 15 million people suffer from cataract blindness. Through their incredible work in supporting the Ruby Nelson Memorial Hospital in Jalandhar and their leading surgeon, Dr. Jacob Prabhakar, they have brought hope and joy back to numerous lives. By raising public awareness of blindness in India and providing necessary treatments to rural communities, Eyes for India helps break the cycle of poverty caused by lack of access to affordable healthcare. Their inspiring and compassionate approach not only involves surgeries but also post-operative care and the presentation of health-improving materials in local languages. Joining the Eyes for India team means being part of a movement that changes lives one sight-giving surgery at a time. Your work with them will not only support a worthy humanitarian cause, but also bring priceless smiles and gratitude from those whose vision is restored. Witness the life-changing impact of your efforts and be part of Eyes for India Oceania Incorporated's extraordinary journey to heal cataract blindness in India.