Fateh Foundation Incorporated is an inspiring non-profit organisation dedicated to preserving the legacy of Sikh soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice in world wars. The organisation works tirelessly to support initiatives that highlight their stories of bravery and courage. In collaboration with the community, Fateh Foundation brings their values to life through the Sikh War Memorial and other projects that celebrate the shared history between the Sikhs and Anzacs, honouring their courage, valour, and grit. Committed to focusing on Punjabi and Sikh heritage, Fateh Foundation aims to save the diminishing art, music, and language of this unique culture. The organisation also supports a variety of community development programs and outreach efforts, including blood donation campaigns and advocacy for vulnerable groups. Fateh Foundation is a registered charity with ACNC and welcomes new members and volunteers to join their dedicated team. The opportunity to work with Fateh Foundation will provide a meaningful and fulfilling experience, allowing you to contribute to the preservation of history and the support of local communities. By joining this organisation, you will be part of a team that values selfless service, unity, and making a difference in the lives of others. Take this chance to be a part of an organisation that champions the power of humanity and works towards creating a better future for all.