Fitzroy Legal Service Inc. is a renowned non-profit organisation that has been tirelessly working towards creating a fairer, more just Victorian community since 1972. As Australia's first non-Aboriginal community legal centre, they have always believed that every individual deserves equal access to justice, regardless of their financial capabilities. By joining their dedicated team, you'll play a crucial role in providing free legal advice and assistance to those who need it the most. Their values-driven approach emphasizes community engagement and empowerment through various programs and services, such as their Family Violence Health Justice Partnerships, Drug Outreach Lawyer program, and Criminal Defence practice. The organisation also supports the rights of activists and advocates for policy changes that promote equality and justice for all. When you become a part of Fitzroy Legal Service Inc., you're not just working for an organisation; you're directly impacting the lives of the community in a positive way. Make a difference by helping dismantle barriers to legal assistance and contribute to a more equitable society. Join Fitzroy Legal Service Inc. today and become an agent of change in the fight for a just and fair Victorian community.