Fairfield Christian Family

Fairfield Christian Family is a vibrant and diverse community of believers with a strong focus on living out their faith through various ministries and outreach programs. This welcoming and inclusive NFP organisation is dedicated to creating a positive impact both locally and globally, living by their core values of love, unity, and faith in action. At Fairfield Christian Family, there is a genuine passion for serving others and building connections with people from different walks of life. With opportunities to engage in creative ministries, home groups, children and youth programs, and overseas missions, individuals can actively share their talents and expertise to make a difference in the lives of others. Aside from offering spiritual nourishment through Sunday services, Fairfield Christian Family also places importance on fostering strong friendships and celebrating life's joys together. With events such as Alpha courses and Christmas fair, there are countless ways to connect and grow alongside fellow believers. Inspiring, engaging, and heartfelt, Fairfield Christian Family offers a fulfilling opportunity for those desiring to work in a dynamic NFP organisation that truly walks the talk. Let your passion for serving others be ignited and join this uplifting community as they continue to make a significant impact in the world around them.