Faith Lutheran College Redlands

Faith Lutheran College Redlands is an independent school with a vibrant community that embraces innovation, service, global thinking, and academic excellence. As a proud member of the Lutheran education community, the college emphasizes the importance of Christian values and ethical conduct. Located in Victoria Point, Queensland, Faith Lutheran offers a comprehensive curriculum from Prep to Year 12, supported by a range of enriching co-curricular activities, such as chess, instrumental music, robotics club, musicals, and sport. With dedicated staff, a nurturing environment, and strong community connections, this organisation strives to give its students the best possible education, instilling in them the confidence and resilience necessary for success. The college is also committed to fostering relationships with neighboring institutions and communities, including a partnership with a sister school in Japan. Teachers at Faith Lutheran have the opportunity to help students become well-rounded and globally-minded citizens, equipped to face the challenges of the modern world. If you're passionate about providing an education imbued with Christian values and a global perspective, Faith Lutheran College Redlands might just be the ideal place for you to pursue your career in the inspiring and transformative realm of education.