Feeding Young Minds Inc

Feeding Young Minds Inc. is a dynamic, values-driven not-for-profit arts organisation based in St. Kilda, focused on empowering and celebrating diverse cultures through digital storytelling. They believe in the transformative power of art, education, and social change, making them an inspiring and engaging place to work. Dedicated to helping young Victorian artists and their families from culturally diverse backgrounds, they provide education, collaboration, and exchange through digital storytelling, fostering community connectedness, harmony, and vibrancy. This progressive organisation also seeks to establish meaningful community partnerships, mentorship opportunities, and promote social justice within the arts and culture sector. Joining the Feeding Young Minds family provides an opportunity to support an extensive range of creative endeavors, from film and television to theatre, community projects, school projects, dance, and music videos. In addition, they actively assist marginalized, disadvantaged, indigenous, and non-indigenous secondary school students and young artists in pursuing their artistic and vocational dreams. By joining Feeding Young Minds Inc., you become an integral part of a movement that values the enrichment of individuals' lives through capacity building, empowerment, and well-being. Not only would you be working for an organisation that celebrates diversity and social change, you would be making a real difference in the lives of young artists and their communities.