Fight for Connar Inc.

At the heart of Fight for Connar Inc. lies a compassionate mission: helping families make memories matter. As a not-for-profit organisation, they provide critical support to families with terminally ill children, ensuring they can cherish every precious moment with their loved ones. Working for Fight for Connar means joining an innovative team driven by empathy, respect and determination. Believing that everyone can make a difference, Fight for Connar offers multiple ways to get involved – attend events, make donations, purchase merchandise or volunteer. By being a part of this organisation, you not only become an advocate for compassion, but also contribute to making lasting memories for families in need. Fight for Connar'sevents, such as Cuts for a Cause, generate awareness and funds for their cause, while bringing communities together in a spirit of generosity. By joining their dedicated team, you'll work alongside passionate individuals committed to making a positive impact in the lives of others. If you are inspired to work for an organisation that values kindness, support and empathy, consider joining the Fight for Connar team – together, let's make memories matter.