Filmfest Limited

Filmfest Limited is a spirited organisation committed to celebrating the world's oldest living culture and fostering creativity through storytelling. They proudly acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which they live, learn, and work – the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples – and actively pay respect to their Elders, past and present. Filmfest Limited is the driving force behind the dynamic Melbourne International Film Festival, an annual event that showcases the power of film and storytelling across diverse cultures, perspectives, and styles. Working for Filmfest Limited means being part of a passionate team deeply aligned with artistic expression, inclusivity, and intercultural understanding. Those who join this enthusiastic and diverse crew at Filmfest Limited are instrumental in creating transformative experiences for audiences and memorable occasions for filmmakers. If you share the same unwavering passion for stories that challenge, inspire, and entertain, look no further. Join Filmfest Limited today and help bring forth exceptional, issue-driven content that captivates the world and unites communities under the magic and power of film.