Find The Lost Coins Pty Ltd

Find The Lost Coins Pty Ltd is a remarkable non-profit organisation dedicated to illuminating the darkest days in people's lives. Inspired by Christian values, their mission is to care for the homeless and vulnerable, regardless of race, religion, cultural background, sexual orientation or identity. This self-sustaining NGO directs its efforts toward unity, reconciliation, and community-building while remaining true to their foundational beliefs. Driven by a team of passionate and dedicated volunteers, Find The Lost Coins ensures that all donations are directed to chosen projects without compromising on operational costs. As a champion of compassion and understanding, this organisation extends its outreach to various groups, including churches, bible study groups, and community organisations. Their commitment to helping those displaced from their homes or who have suffered trauma is an opportunity for potential employees to make a powerful difference in transforming the lives of the less fortunate. Joining Find The Lost Coins Pty Ltd means becoming part of an unparalleled mission that actively radiates hope and love, while weaving a caring, inclusive community.