First Australians Capital Ltd

First Australians Capital Ltd is a passionate, Indigenous-led organisation dedicated to harnessing the cultural, creative, and economic strengths of First Australians. With a vision to create a new economy driven by Indigenous businesses, they work towards empowering entrepreneurs and building a powerful economic contributor to community and inter-generational wealth. They believe in the success of Indigenous Australians as the success of all Australians. By joining their team, you'll be part of an organisation focused on backing the full, free agency of First Australians as they drive their own economic futures. Since 2016, First Australians Capital has impacted over 600 businesses, resulting in resilience, revenue growth, and increased employment opportunities. They offer professional business support, networking, and access to financial capital, enabling Indigenous entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses. In partnership with philanthropic donors and social impact investors, First Australians Capital is committed to unlocking solutions and supporting the Indigenous economy. As a team member, you will work alongside like-minded individuals to ensure the continued growth and sustainable success of Indigenous Australians and their businesses. Join First Australians Capital in their mission to create a prosperous and purposeful future for all.