Food And Beverage Development Fund Sa Inc

Food and Beverage Development Fund SA Inc is an inspiring and value-driven non-profit organisation committed to assisting and supporting students and professionals within the food and beverage industries. With a strong belief in the importance of learning, the organisation facilitates the establishment of support payments, providing financial assistance to deserving individuals to develop their skills and knowledge through research, education, and training. Their dedication to this cause has proudly resulted in helping over 250 individuals with more than $1.1 million in support payments and event sponsorships. Working for the Food and Beverage Development Fund SA Inc offers one the opportunity to join a team that promotes exceptional commitment to vocational education and training. The organisation acknowledges the challenges faced in today's world and is a strong advocate for supporting local suppliers and striving to do their best to help those in need. Be part of a highly collaborative, devoted and professional team that is making a positive impact on lives, one step at a time, through the power of education and development within the food and beverage industries.