Friends Of Stony Creek

Friends of Stony Creek is a dedicated nonprofit organisation focused on preserving and enhancing the diverse natural beauty of the Stony Creek area in Victoria, Australia. This organisation brings together a passionate community, committed to protecting the indigenous vegetation and wildlife found within this unique landscape. Through organised activities such as plantings, clean-ups, weedings, and educational tours, Friends of Stony Creek strives to raise awareness about the importance of this ecological haven for recreational and educational purposes. As an advocate for environmental conservation and local community engagement, this organisation works closely with local councils, Melbourne Water, Parks Victoria, and industry professionals to ensure the continued vibrancy and health of Stony Creek. Individuals who join Friends of Stony Creek will find themselves surrounded by like-minded environmental enthusiasts, dedicated to making a genuine impact on preserving the area's natural wonders. Come join Friends of Stony Creek in their monthly meetings, forge new connections, and help contribute to creating lasting change. Immerse yourself in a meaningful cause that will not only enrich the local community but also inspire others to take action towards a sustainable future. Together, let's preserve the enchanting Stony Creek area for generations to enjoy.