Friends Of The Helmeted Honeyeater Inc

Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater Inc is a passionate non-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness and protecting the critically endangered Victorian bird emblem – the Helmeted Honeyeater. Since its inception in 1989, the team has been actively working on preserving existing habitats and planting new ones to ensure the survival of these precious birds, as well as to contribute to the conservation of Australia's unique flora and fauna. Working primarily in and around the Yellingbo Nature Conservation Area, located 50km east of Melbourne, the organisation offers numerous opportunities for involvement, from volunteering at their indigenous plant nursery to participating in educational programs. By joining this compassionate group, you will help protect these beautiful creatures and preserve Australia's unique biodiversity. If you're looking for a fulfilling and rewarding job that has a lasting impact on the environment, working with the Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater is the perfect opportunity to make a difference. Come join this dedicated team and partake in inspiring projects, meet like-minded individuals, and work towards safeguarding an important piece of Australia's natural heritage. Your efforts will contribute to a brighter future for the Helmeted Honeyeater, their habitat, and the countless species thriving in these lands.