Friends of Symphonia Jubilate Inc

Friends of Symphonia Jubilate Inc. is an inspiring not-for-profit organisation that brings joy and music to the hearts of many. Established in 2013 by Tracy Burjan and Luke Wallace, the organisation aims to provide students predominantly from primary and secondary schools in the Strathfield education area with the incredible opportunity to rehearse, learn, and perform quality orchestral music from diverse range of musical styles. In doing so, they not only nurture budding talent, but also foster a new level of music appreciation and skill. Working with Friends of Symphonia Jubilate means becoming part of a passionate and devoted team committed to spreading the gift of music through collaboration for the benefit of both students and the wider community. The organisation is driven by its mission to positively impact the lives of those involved and encourage artistic expression at every level. If you have a desire to inspire the next generation of musicians and contribute to a vibrant and flourishing musical community, Friends of Symphonia Jubilate Inc. may be the perfect place for you. Join them in their pursuit to create harmonic symphonies and touch souls with the power of music.